Review on village/backyard/ poultry production system in Ethiopia


  • Shukurala Chaimiso Gombora District Livestock and Fishery Resource Development Office, South Nation Nationalities and People Regional State Ethiopia


backyard poultry, poultry production, Ethiopia


A review was undertaken to obtain the related research results and facts on village/backyard/ poultry production systems in Ethiopia with the aim of bringing synthesized andsummarized information to the beneficiaries. Poultry production has a major role in poverty alleviation by means ofincome generation and household food security. Village/backyard/ chicken production system is characterized by low input andoutput scavenging, with minimal investment in housing, feeding, watering and chicken health management systems. The village chicken production system in Ethiopia is extensive anddominated by indigenous chickens that exhibit remarkable adaptation to local environments. Generally, it is concluded that thevillage/backyard/ chicken production system offers many people the opportunity to improve theirlivelihoods, suggesting that improvement of chicken management system, breeding, production environment, farmers? access to inputsand markets needs to focus on the back yard chicken production system.


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Shukurala Chaimiso, “Review on village/backyard/ poultry production system in Ethiopia”, PIJ, vol. 1, no. 3, pp. 33-40, Apr. 2019.