Analysis and Detection of Antigen – Antibody Interactions using CMOS Image Sensor


  • Dr.E.N.Ganesh VISTAS, VELS University, School of Engineering, Pallavaram, Chennai Tamilnadu, India


CMOS image sensor, Indium Nanoparticle, Troponin and Protein., Antibody Interactions


Different types of immunoassay methods commonly used for antigen antibody reactions. The Presented work focused on invitro diagnostic method based on the biological sensor. The competence of a complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) using an indium nanoparticle (InNP) substrate for the high sensitivity diagnosis of antigen/antibody interactions at low concentrations under normal light. This study supported with the help of metal surface, normally metal surface affinity to the biological molecules. The research report says metals like Ta, Ni Au, In Si monolayer surfaces increase protein adsorption on their surface also it can bind with their specific antibody The experimental results show the valuable impact of the CMOS image sensor and InN P substrates for the detection of antigen/antibody interactions. Occasional shaking method also gives the sensitive results.


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Dr.E.N.Ganesh, “Analysis and Detection of Antigen – Antibody Interactions using CMOS Image Sensor”, PIJ, vol. 1, no. 3, pp. 76-85, Apr. 2019.