Factors effecting growth, properties and quality of beef meat


  • umair ashraf Inner Mongolia Agriculture University
  • Muhammad Iqbal Mustafa


Beef meatl, Quality of beef, Growth factor of beef meat, factor effecting beef


Nowadays consumers are highly interested in the quality of the products they eat, especially when this refers to meat. Consumption of meat from ruminant animals and its derivatives is on the increase, particularly in Pakistan. Current analysis is a review of the different factors that affect meat quality in ruminants. Some factors throughout the entire meat chain are analyzed, or rather, from those that producers underscore to improve the quality of their products to those related with consumers´ habits and beliefs. Most of the papers reviewed have been developed by researchers involved in the meat quality in collaboration with Pakistani or international groups.


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umair ashraf and Muhammad Iqbal Mustafa, “Factors effecting growth, properties and quality of beef meat”, PIJ, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 01-09, Apr. 2019.




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