Justice Delayed is Justice Denied: the Role of Justice in Pakistani Society, an Overview

  • Anila Yasmin Department of Philosophy Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, Pakistan
  • Riffat Iqbal Department of Philosophy, BZU Multan, Punjab, Pakistan
Keywords: Justice, Pakistani society, Islam and justice,, Problems with Pakistani justice system


The present study aims to present the overview of the role of justice in Pakistani society. Any society whether the family, the community, a nation, or the world, benefits from having justice as a prevailing virtue. Such a society is dedicated to the notion that all of its members should benefit, and no one person or group should have a greater benefit or rights than another. Conversely, no person or group should be denied similar benefits to those that another group enjoys. Justice means punishing actions or words that are wrong and upholding things that are good. This helps ensure that wrongs will be ended and rights will be upheld thereby leading to a safer society for everyone. It is important to remember that justice is directly influenced by the ethics and values of each culture. This study highlights the basic flaws of Pakistani justice system and gives suggestions to reform the justice system of Pakistan.


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Anila Yasmin and Riffat Iqbal, “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied: the Role of Justice in Pakistani Society, an Overview”, pij, vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 01-06, Apr. 2019.